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Cyrel® Digital Flexo: the Ideal Workflow

History of Cyrel® Digital Workflow

Cyrel® Digital ImagerThe Introduction of the Cyrel® Digital Imager and the Cyrel® DPS plate at DRUPA ’95 was a key milestone in the advancement of flexography. For the first time, the flexographic packaging industry was able to take advantage of the benefits of a fully distributed digital workflow.

Productivity and Quality Improvements

Digital Cyrel® plates and the fully digital workflow brought both productivity and quality benefits to the entire packaging value chain.

For Designers & Brand Owners Digital workflow allows for reduced cycle times to get your package on the shelf quicker with higher quality graphics and consistent color reproduction - anywhere on earth.

Cyrel® Digital Workflow
Cyrel® digital dots for higher resolution
For Tradeshops & Prepress Operators Digital workflow eliminates film based consumables and opportunity for error that was inherent in an analog workflow.

For Flexographers The digital plate introduced a new era of reduced dot gain, higher resolution, finer highlights and better linework. Digital dots reproduce consistently throughout the run and from run to run, allowing printers to reduce waste while improving quality.

Digital Cyrel® Today

Now in its second generation, nearly 90% of the Cyrel® plates sold into the flexible packaging market are digital; either solvent or Cyrel® FAST thermal process. 


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