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DuPont™ Cyrel® Performance Plates

A Step-Change in Digital Plates

DuPont™ Cyrel® Performance Plates are a family of next-generation flexo printing plates specifically designed to provide outstanding tonal range and the highest possible solid ink density from your existing standard digital workflow.

Cyrel® DSP and Cyrel® FAST DFP are the first two entries in this new family. They have been developed to produce outstanding shelf impact and exceptional print quality in a wide variety of flexible packaging and tag & label applications.

Featuring a unique, engineered plate surface
Available in solvent (DSP) and Cyrel® FAST/thermal (DFP) processing versions, Cyrel® Performance Plates do not require any modification to the main UV exposure step and perform well with standard flexo CTP units.  There is no need for special films or laminates and standard prepress workflows can be used.

Cyrel® Performance Plates offer many distinct advantages including:

  • superior solid ink density
  • long tonal range
  • smoother ink laydown with dramatic reduction in graininess
  • minimal dot gain and dot size

Gravure Like Quality
Cyrel® Performance Plates enable flexible packaging printer-converters to achieve quality that is indistinguishable from gravure printing while improving sustainability and realizing significant productivity benefits including:

  • Improved press uptime
  • Reduced start-up waste
  • Ability to shift to extended gamut printing
  • Solids and screens can be combined on same plate
  • Reduced ink consumption

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DuPont™ Cyrel® Performance Plates
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