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Excellent Minimum Dot Size, Low Dot Gain, Smoother Ink Laydown

Excellent Minimum Dot Size and Low Dot Gain

Cyrel® Performance Plates have a minimum dot size of 175 LPI .5% dot held on the plate, with the first printing dots in the 8% to 10% range. The low dot gain can easily be compensated for during prepress.
Performance Plates show excellent highlight printing
Performance Plates show excellent highlight printing characteristics and good uniformity throughout the tone scale. 

Smoother Ink Laydown with
Dramatic Reduction in Graininess

Cyrel® Performance Plates produce much smoother solids, resulting in significantly less graininess–typically 50% less than standard digital plates–and minimized pin-holing.

Visual graininess comparison of Performance Plates versus standard digital plate 
("standard" medium compressible mounting tape)
Unscreened Solids
Unscreen Solids Performace Plate
Performance Plate
Unscreened Solids Standard Digital Plate
Standard Digital Plate 

Solids and screens can also be combined on the same plate because Cyrel® Performance Plates are a true combination plate. This reduces plate consumption and simplifies plate inventory.

Ink consumption can be reduced because lower volume anilox rolls can be used with Performance Plates while still increasing solid ink density and reducing graininess.