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Improve Productivity and Sustainability

Improve Press Uptime and Reduce Start-up Waste

In addition to achieving the highest quality at high speeds, Cyrel® Performance Plates enable significant improvements in both productivity and sustainability.

Cyrel® Performance Plates help improve press up-time because they come up to color quicker. This also reduces start-up waste.

Minimize or Eliminate Press Wash-ups

By making it possible to shift to extended gamut printing, Cyrel® Performance Plates enable printer-converters to dramatically reduce the time required for color matching at the start of a run and minimize or eliminate press wash-ups during and after a run because inks don’t change from job to job.

Reduce Plate & Ink Consumption

Solids and screens can be combined on the same plate because Cyrel® Performance Plates are a true combination plate. This reduces plate consumption and simplifies plate inventory.

Ink consumption can be reduced because lower volume anilox rolls can be used with Performance Plates while still increasing solid ink density and reducing graininess.


Quality Metrics Performance Plates Standard Digital Gravure
Color Saturation (High SID)  
Smooth Solids, Low Graininess  
High Resolution
Highest Print Contrast
Smooth Vignettes
Sharp, Clean Type