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DuPont Packaging Graphics

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DuPont Packaging Graphics

We have a history of taking actions that address important societal challenges and market needs

We are guided by our core values Safety and Health; Environmental Stewardship; Respect for People; Ethical Behavior

DuPont has a 204-year legacy of core values, rooted strongly in safety, health and environmental stewardship.

For almost 20 years, we have been reducing the environmental footprint of our own operations. Today, footprint reduction is expected of all companies.  The challenge – and the opportunity – are products and processes that are safer, less toxic, more energy efficient, use less water, and produce fewer greenhouse gases.

We are a printing form (plates and sleeves) supplier to the Packaging Graphics Industry with significant environmental and safety challenges

Our goal is to put our science to work to help our customers and their customers grow their businesses while contributing to social and environmental progress worldwide.