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Deep relief plates Plates commonly used in the corrugated market. These plates will yield a relief up to 3.175mm/0.125².

Delamination The partial or complete separation of the layers of a laminate.

Densitometer Instrument that measures reflected or transmitted light. A reflection densitometer is used as a control instrument to check the uniformity and consistency of print color.

Density The mass of a unit volume; opacity; color strength. The degree of darkness (light absorption or opacity) of a photographic image.

Dimensional stability Ability to maintain size. Resistance to dimensional change resulting from the ambient atmosphere or other conditions.

Developer roll The wicking material used in the DuPont Cyrel®FAST thermal plate processing system.  The developer roll receives the unexposed monomers during the plate development process.

Digital workflow The process of designing, editing, processing and outputting a print job in a fully digital manner. A fully digital workflow eliminates conventional mechanical art, film, proofs and analog plates. This dramatically reduces cost, speeds production and is able to be broadly distributed across the digital network.

Distortion See Film Reduction .

Doctor blade A thin flexible blade mounted parallel to and adjustable against an engraved anilox roll, for the purpose of scraping off excess ink.

Dot The essential (individual) element of halftone reproduction used in commercial printing.

Dot Gain

Increase in size of a dot from the film to the printed sheet. All printing processes have dot gain which consist of two parts, physical dot gain and optical dot gain due to the physics of light absorption and reflection. This causes darker tones or stronger colors.

Dropout A halftone in which the extreme highlights do not reproduce.

Drying During the processing, the plate absorbs solvent which must be removed by drying which is carried out in an oven at a temperature of 60°C (14060°C -140°F)

Durometer The measure of plate hardness usually made with a Shore "A" durometer gauge.

Dyes Coloring material which is soluble in an ink vehicle as opposed to pigments which are not soluble and must be dispersed.