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Flexo Glossary

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- E -

Edge sealantA sealing agent placed at the leading and trailing edges of the plate to secure the laydown of the plate to the plate cylinder for press runs.

ElastomericFlexible and resilient.

ElongationLongitudinal deformation resulting from stress, from stretching.

EmulsionA type of mixture wherein two or more immiscible (or unmixable) materials are held together in a homogenous mixture by the action of a third agent. The term "emulsifying agent" is applied to the material which is added to hold the emulsion. Differs from a solution in which one material is dissolved in another.

EngravingA general term normally applied to any pattern which has been cut in or incised in a surface by hand, mechanical or etching processes.

EsterA group of solvents made by reacting an acid with an alcohol, e.g., ethyl acetate, isopropyl acetate, "acetate" solvents.

ExposeTo subject (a sensitive film, plate, etc.) to the action of lights.  The image created on the surface of a photopolymer flexo printing plate created by exposing the place to UV light in combination with a mask of some kind.

- F -

Fill-In Generally used to refer to the open portions of small type and halftones filled by over exposure (most -commonly).

Film reduction Intentional around-cylinder compensation of the image to address flexographic plate printing characteristics.

Flexography A method of direct rotary printing using resilient raised image printing plates, affixed to variable repeat plate cylinders, inked by a roll or doctor-blade-wiped engraved metal roll, carrying fluid or paste-type inks to virtually any substrate.

Floor The base of the plate which supports the relief image of the plate. The floor is calculated by subtracting the relief from the total plate thickness.

Fountain A pan or trough on a flexographic press in which the fountain roller revolves. Sometimes loosely applied to the entire printing station.

Fountain Roll Roll that picks up the ink or coating material from the fountain and applies it to the transfer roll.

Four-Color Traditional method of reproducing full color photographic images on a printing press. Process printing is done with yellow, magenta and cyan color inks plus black, using halftones to create all other colors.