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Flexo Glossary

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- G -

Gear Streaks Parallel streaks appearing across the printed sheet at the same interval as gear teeth on the cylinder.

Grey Balance The ratio of the densities of the three process inks (yellow, magenta, and cyan) required to produce a neutral grey. The actual ratio is different at each specific tint value. Predominantly a function of ink hue.

Grey Scale A strip of standard grey tone values ranging from white to black.

- H -

HalftoneThe reproduction of continuous-tone artwork through a contact screen. Photographic image formed by a pattern of discrete dot sizes. Dots vary in area and shape but have uniform density. Creates the illusion of continuous tone when seen at a distance.

HaloAn undesirable peripheral outline of the printed image. A blurred effect usually occurring in highlight areas.

High Intensity Bulbs Exposure lamps that emit a greater intensity of light energy than standard bulbs. The use of these bulbs reduces exposure times in platemaking.

HighlightThe lightest or whitest parts in a picture. Represented in a halftone reproduction by the smallest dots or the absence of dots.

HueThe characteristic by which one color is distinguished from another. The predominate wavelength reflected by a colored material which determines its position in spectral or chromatic scale; (e.g. red, blue, yellow). It is the major color attribute of which there are mass-tone shades and tints.

HydrometerAn instrument for measuring the specific gravity of a liquid.

- I -

Image AreasThe area of the printing plate which transfers ink to the substrate. The printed area of a receiving surface.

ImpressionThe pressure of type, plate or blanket as it comes in contact with the substrate. The image transferred from the printing plate to the substrate. The adjustment required to effect the above.

Impression CylinderRoller or cylinder which backs up or supports the printed substrate at the point of impression.

Ink, FlexographicFast drying fluid inks used in flexographic printing. Flexographic inks can be formulated as water based, solvent based or UV drying formulas.

Ink FountainThe ink pan or trough on a flexo press which stores and supplies ink to the inking rollers.

InsolubleIncapable of being dissolved in a liquid.

In The Round (ITR) Referring to a workflow where the image carriers are imaged and processed in position on sleeves for use in the Flexographic press. ITR image carriers cam be continuous or have a seam (break) in the image.

IonizersTool used to eliminate static. Neutralizes static charges by the use of blowing ionized air over the charged surface. Static charge is responsible for the attraction of contaminants (dust, dirt).