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Flexo Glossary

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- V -

VehiclesThe liquid component of a printing ink which acts as a carrier for the pigment.

ViscometerInstrument used to measure the viscosity of an ink, varnish or other solution.

ViscosityA broad term encompassing the properties of tack and flow of a liquid, usually ink.

- W -

Washout See Processing.

Water cooled Method frequently used to maintain temperature control of the central impression cylinder (also known as bull drum) in a CI Flexographic printing press. Tight temperature and web support are the keys to the CI press’ ability to maintain tight register on large webs or with thin film substrates.

Wavelength A quantitative specification of radiant energy. Mathematically, the speed of light divided by the frequency.

Web The paper, foil, film or other flexible material, from a roll, as it moves through the machine in the process of being formed or in the process of being converted, printed, etc.

- Y -

YellowOne of the subtractive primaries the hue of which is used for one of the 4-colour process inks. It reflects red and green light and absorbs blue light.

- Z -

Zahn cupA device for measuring the viscosity of ink in a flexo press room.