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DuPont Packaging Graphics - North America

Cyrel® Customer Training Programs

Advanced Cyrel® Platemaking Workshop


This two-day platemaking workshop covers the fundamentals of imaging line and screen designs for all Cyrel® platemaking systems—Analog, Digital, and Cyrel® FAST.  This class can be tailored for your company’s specific needs.  It is designed for platemakers new to flexography, those that want to improve their platemaking skills, or others that would like a better understanding of the platemaking process, e.g. management responsible for plate production, customer service, purchasing, press operators, mounters, etc.  Our skilled instructors will guide you through the following modules in both classroom and platemaking environments.

  • Plateroom Safety
  • Pre-Press Requirements
  • Basic & Advanced Platemaking steps
  • Quality Control Tests & Tools
  • Plate Handling, Cleaning, and Storage
  • Troubleshooting Plate Issues

Workshop Dates: Available upon request
Cost: $1,100/person, no charge for Cyrel® customers
Register Now or call 1-800-345-9999 - press 1. press 5

Flexo Technical Seminar


This two-day, comprehensive seminar is designed for the industry professional interested in gaining an understanding of key aspects of the flexographic process, including the latest advancements in flexo technology. Consisting of lectures and demonstrations, this program will give you a brief introduction to the elements of flexo technology from plate production to on-press printing and troubleshooting.

Topics and general schedule of modules include:

  • Platemaking Overview
  • Digital Cyrel® FAST Platemaking Workflow
  • Quality Tools
  • Inks, Anilox, and Mounting Tapes
  • Troubleshooting Plate Issues
  • Pressroom Handling Techniques
  • Press Characterization
  • Printing & Troubleshooting Review
  • Cyrel® round technology

Workshop Dates: Available upon request
Cost: $1,100/person, no charge for Cyrel® Customers
Register Now or call 1-800-345-9999 - press 1, press 5

Flexographic Process Optimization


DuPont Packaging Graphics invites you to participate in a comprehensive hands-on course in learning how to implement the near neutral calibration process using G7 methodology.  You will optimize and calibrate your printing workflow from plates to press and create ICC color profiles based on ISO standards. Customers are encouraged to print (under normal repeatable press conditions) an IT8.1 7/4 test target for review.  We will train you on how to measure the target, analyze the data, optimize and create curves for your digital plates and create ICC color profiles to match digital proof to press.

Workshop Dates: Available upon request
Cost: $1,100/person, no charge for Cyrel® Customers
Register Now or call 1-800-345-9999 - press 1, press 5

Custom Training

Cyrel® FAST

Group training focused on the needs of your particular business is also available at our Customer Technology Center.  Your employees can attend a custom-designed Cyrel® workshop in Wilmington to network and learn/share/resolve issues together with our knowledgeable technical team.  Please contact your DuPont™ Cyrel® representative or call 1-800-345-9999 - press 1, press 5.