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DuPont Packaging Graphics - North America

Cyrel® Technical Support Group

 Sherry Cunningham

Sherry Cunningham,
North American Technical Manager
Customer Technology Center

As North American Technical Manager, Sherry heads up the team of technical professionals supporting Cyrel customers. She is also manager of the R&D/Applications Group and the Packaging Graphics Customer Technology Center in Wilmington. Sherry has a PhD in Chemistry from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and over 15 years experience in the Cyrel® Packaging Graphics business.

 Wayde Clark

Wayde Clark, Senior Technical Specialist

Wayde graduated from Buffalo State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1986, and a concentration in Graphic Design and production. He has held positions as a design artist, mechanical layout artist, Art Director and VP of Operations for a small tradeshop in North Carolina. He joined DuPont in 2000 and has had assignments with the Print Media Group, Cyrel® and Color Proofing Sales & Marketing, and as Technical Support Manager. Wayde is currently responsible for providing technical support and training to our Cyrel® customers in North America.

 Marcia Cho

Marcia Cho, Technical Consultant

A graduate of Villanova University with a masters in ChE, Marcia has been a member of the DuPont Packaging Graphics R&D application team for over 10 years. She has been involved in new product testing and the introduction of solvent-free Cyrel® FAST plates. She has represented technical marketing for most Cyrel® FAST related programs providing customers' perspectives. Now she is heading R&D application efforts for the FAST In-The-Round program for NA.

 Jeff Conner

Jeff Conner, Technical Specialist

Jeff has been with DuPont for 26 years mainly involved with the printing industry. He started his career with DuPont at their in-house printing plant in Boothwyn PA. He moved into a Technical Marketing role providing customer training and technical support for DuPont Proofing products in the USA and Canada. After working in the LDC area in an R&D assignment, he is now in a Customer Applications role with the DuPont Packaging Graphics business supporting Cyrel® customers.

 Cori Devlin

Cori Devlin, Technical Specialist

Cori has been involved in the graphic arts industry for 31 years. She came to DuPont with the Crosfield Electronics acquisition with a background in news publishing and Crosfield page layout systems. As part of DuPont Imaging Technologies, Cori specialized in color management as applied to proofing and color separation, supported and trained customers with textile printing and large format digital inkjet printing. Cori joined Cyrel® in 2008 as part of the Technical Service Consultants Team. Cori supports our field sales representatives and customers with digital plate requests, troubleshooting plate issues, CTC customer training, specializing with the implementation of G7 into flexography, as well as Cyrel® FAST workflow demonstrations.

William Glazier William Glazier, Technical Assistant

Bill has 28 years service with DuPont. As a Technical Assistant for Cyrel® Packaging Graphics, his responsibilities include performing customer Cyrel® FAST equipment startups, Cyrel® FAST platemaking training, and troubleshooting customer plate issues. Prior to joining the Cyrel® organization, Bill worked for DuPont in the Polymer Products, Crop Protection, and Color Proofing Business.

Lewis Jennings  Lewis Jennings, Technical Assistant

Lew attended Widener University, as well as, Williamson Free Trade School in Pennsylvania. He began his career with DuPont 17 years ago in the Explosives group. In 1998 he joined the Cyrel® technical service organization with primary responsibility for technical support of plates and equipment for all Cyrel® systems. Lew has received two golden loop awards for excellence in technical sales support, as well as, recognition for his work with the inception and beta testing of Cyrel® FAST thermal processing. He has also taught classes on platemaking at both Clemson University and Fox Valley Technical College.

 Mac Kato

Mac Kato, Applications Engineer

Mac started his career with DuPont in 2003 after graduating from Purdue University with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering. After holding a position as a process engineer in a manufacturing plant, Mac joined the Cyrel® team in 2006. Currently, Mac conducts applications support for digital Cyrel® FAST workflow, supporting various technical, marketing, and R&D efforts.

James Kulhanek  James Kulhanek, Senior Technical Specialist

Jim is employed as a Senior Technical Specialist supporting both the internal and external customers of DuPont Imaging Technologies by improving overall operating efficiencies through plate and printing optimization. Jim is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Stout and has over 28 years of experience in the printing and packaging industry. Jim has served as chair for the FFTA Digital Plate Subcommittee, and received the DuPont 2003 and 2005 Joe Gibson Award for Technical Leadership.

 John Locke

John Locke, Technical Consultant

John received his PhD in Chemistry in 1981 from Northeastern University in Boston, MA and started to work for DuPont in the same year at the Seaford Nylon Plant in Seaford, DE. He held various assignments while in the Fibers businesses including R&D, Manufacturing Supervision, and Technical Assistance to Operations. In 1999 he transferred to the Performance Coating business where he worked on Refinish Color Technology programs and in 2000, he transferred to the Ink Jet business as a Color Scientist supporting the Artistri® Textile Printing venture. He currently is in the Cyrel® Technical Applications group for the DuPont Packaging Graphics business.

Mark Mazur Mark R. Mazur, Digital Prepress Consultant

Mark received a BS in chemistry from the State University of New York at Albany in 1978, a Ph. D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from Yale University in 1982 and an MBA from Rutgers University in 1987. Mark has worked for DuPont for 25 years and has had a variety of assignments, including; product management, proofing, electroless plating, solid modeling and finance. In 1989 he joined the Cyrel® organization and is currently working on flexo CTP technology as well as striving to improve flexographic printing through applications of color management technology as applied to proofing and color separation. Mark is the chairman of the prepress subcommittee of FIRST, leads the implementation of G7 into flexography, received the 2002 FTA Presidents award, is co-chair of the 2008 FTA Forum in Dallas and is a frequent speaker at industry events.

Peter Menzian   K. Peter Menzian, Senior Technical Manager

Peter began his flexo printing career in Hamburg, Germany in 1960.  Following a printing apprenticeship, he came to the United States.  While attending Ramapo College in New Jersey where he received a B.A. degree, he held positions in various flexo printing capacities, including press operator, mounter, and in supervision.  He joined the DuPont Cyrel® business in 1981, and was instrumental in the change from rubber to photopolymer in the flexo industry.  Currently Peter is involved in customer training and printing troubleshooting at  customer locations and at CTC.  Peter has also participated at several FTA Forums as a speaker and as session chair, and has won the DuPont Joe Gibson award for Technical Leadership.

Courtney Norris  Courtney Norris, Applications Specialist

Courtney graduated in 2012 from Clemson University with a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Communications. She joined DuPont Packaging Graphics shortly after as a Cyrel® Applications Specialist and is part of the R&D Applications Team. Before graduating Courtney completed several internships, one of which was with DuPont Packaging Graphics.

Elisabeth Struck  Elisabeth Struck, Senior Administrative Assistant

Betsy is the CTC office coordinator and focal point for administrative support for the Technical Marketing, Sales and R&D Applications groups at the Customer Technology Center in Wilmington, Delaware.  She manages and maintains the lab database, recording all lab requests and customer training and VIP visits. She also provides essential telephone coverage for the incoming Cyrel® 800 phone number, and provides administrative assistance for the CTC Customer Training Program and VIP visits.

 Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor, Senior Research Associate

Brad is a Senior Research Associate for DuPont Packaging Graphics in Wilmington, Delaware. He has worked for DuPont for 20 years in various assignments in Electronic Imaging and Imaging Technology. He got his start in flexography as the technical team leader for Cyrel®'s digital photopolymer plate development in 1994, and has continued to focus on digital photopolymer project management and new product development. He has been a speaker at four FTA Forums and was an at-large member of the Flexo Quality Consortium. Brad has a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

 Katie Tuckwiller

Katie Tuckwiller, Applications Engineer

Katie joined DuPont™ Cyrel® in 2000 after graduating from Clemson's Graphic Communication program and working for International Paper for 4 years. She started in Cyrel® as a Technical Specialist with responsibility for customer platemaking support and then transitioned to an Application Specialist role with responsibility for internal testing program. She is also involved with corrugated plate and systems support.