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The TR3 Program for DuPont™ Cyrel®

TR3 program for Cyrel®
The TR3 program for DuPont™ Cyrel® is the sustainable alternative to sending your used Cyrel® plates to the local landfill. The TR3 program offers the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and help your customers reduce theirs as well.

The objective of the TR3 program is simple: To return all Cyrel® plate and packaging material for reuse or recycle. Everything that leaves our Parlin, NJ manufacturing facility will be returned and either reused or recycled.

That includes:

  • Platemaking Waste – edge trim & scrap
  • Used Cyrel® Plates – printed plates
  • Cyrel® Packaging Materials – boxes, polystyrene sheets, etc.
  • Used Cyrel® FAST Developer Rolls
  • Plate Cover Sheets

The TR3 Program is moving from the program development stage to controlled implementation. Throughout 2011 additional customers will be brought into the program as we work towards complete commercialization.

Please contact us or contact your local DuPont Technical Sales Representative for additional information.