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DuPont Packaging Graphics - North America

The Sustainability Challenge

The need for truly sustainable options for 21st century life remains one of the most critical challenges facing the global community. Minimizing our carbon footprint and effectively managing waste streams is important at every step throughout the packaging chain.

TR3    The TR3 ProgramThe TR3 Program for DuPont™ Cyrel®& is a comprehensive program designed to return all plate and packaging material for reuse or recycling. See program status and see if it fits your needs. » Learn More

Life Cycle Assessment    Life Cycle Assessment DuPont Packaging Graphics performed a Life Cycle Analysis under ISO 14000 guidelines comparing flexography to gravure and solvent process to thermal process flexo platemaking. See the results and learn more about sustainability in packaging. » Learn More

DuPont Sustainability    Sustainability at DuPont We have the experience and expertise to put our science to work in ways that can design in attributes that help protect or enhance human health, safety and the environment. » Learn More

Driver for change  Drivers for Change Retailers, consumer products companies and governments are demanding sustainable packaging solutions.
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