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Cyrel® FAST round Thermal Processing System

DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST round capitalizes on benefits from both Cyrel® FAST and Cyrel® solvent round technology.

Cyrel® FAST round is an easy-to-use equipment and print form combination that eliminates solvents, delivers a continuous flexo form for high-quality precision printing and offers rapid turnaround times for improved productivity, while generating the smallest environmental footprint.


  • Family of ready to image continuous photopolymer Cyrel® FAST round sleeves
  • Successful merger of innovative technologies – Cyrel® solvent round and Cyrel® FAST, to offer the pinnacle in flexo pre-press development
  • Fast by name, Fast by design. Press-ready sleeves; 4-5 seamless photopolymer sleeves per hour at 500mm repeat length each independent from image resolution, relief depth and width 
  • Thermal system means production in an office environment – no solvents or liquids
  • Small equipment footprint
  • Smaller environmental footprint – no dryer step and no solvents
  • Optimised installations require only 4 components: Cyrel® Digital Imager (CDI), Cyrel® FAST round exposure, Cyrel® FAST round processor, Cyrel® FAST round light finisher
  • Perfect system for use in Tag and Label and flexible packaging up to 1400mm wide
  • Infinite choice of repeat lengths between 330mm and 1000mm for total flexibility

The system includes the Cyrel® Digital Imager (CDI) Advance Cantilever from EskoArtwork, the Cyrel® FAST round exposure unit, the Cyrel® FAST round thermal processor, the Cyrel® FAST round light finisher and a new family of Cyrel® FAST round sleeves.

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