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DuPont Packaging Graphics

11 New Innovations Launched at drupa 2012

Quality, Productivity & Speed, Sustainability  

At drupa 2012, DuPont Packaging Graphics launched 11 next generation products; Cyrel® plates, equipment and workflow solutions that optimize quality, productivity and sustainability.

Innovations from Drupa 2012
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Cyrel® DFP & DSPEngineered Surface Digital Plate
Specially formulated for highest solid ink density combined with minimum dot size and low dot gain characteristics.
» View Cyrel® DFP datasheet 
» View Cyrel® DSP datasheet   
Cyrel® DFP & DSP Engineered Surface Digital Plate 
Cyrel® FAST DFRHigh Durometer Digital Plate
Next generation, long-running and clean printing plate, suitable for most ink types and substrates.
» View Cyrel® DFR datasheet 
DuPont Cyrel® FAST DFR   High Durometer Digital Plate  
Cyrel® Varnishing PlatesCyrel® VSA, VTA, VSD and VTD
High resolution capabilities combined with very fast and reliable processing. Ideal for varnishing and special effect ink and coatings applications.
» View Cyrel® Varnishing plates
DuPont™ Cyrel® Varnishing Plates 

Cyrel® FAST 3000 TD Outstanding quality and uniformity in
a larger 50” X 80” (1320mm X 2032mm) format, eliminating size constraints for wide-web printers wishing to benefit from solvent free processing.
» View Cyrel® 3000 TD datasheet 
DuPont Cyrel® FAST 3000 TD 
Cyrel® DigiFlow 2000 EC New exposure unit with switch-on/off function for standard digital dot or DigiFlow mode, a top lift design with high power UV-A fluorescent tubes.
» View DigiFlow 2000 EC datasheet 
DuPont Cyrel® DigiFlow 2000 EC 
Cyrel® FAST Round WorkflowSeamless Sleeves for Precision Printing
The system solution optimized for high quality flexo printing at the highest speed and productivity.
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Cyrel® FAST Round Workflow 
Cyrel® Microflex Multiple Sleeve Systems New mounting system that allows the mounting of multiple DuPont™ Cyrel® Round sleeves to register on one single print adapter.
Cyrel® Microflex Multiple Sleeve Mounting System