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Measurement Units and How to Change Them

To calculate the value-in-use of a packaging film sealant, SaVE is set by default to use “U.S. dollars” as the currency, “1000 square inches” as the area measurement, and “Surlyn®” as the sealant being compared to an incumbent called “Other”.

The default calculator units can be changed to ANY currency, and to “square meters” for area measurement. The named sealant can be chosen from a pull-down menu that includes five choices:

Surlyn® ionomer resin:  Quality sealing every time; the best choice for difficult sealing such as through grease or powder contamination; excellent hot-tack, toughness and clarity

Nucrel® acid copolymer resin:  Lower seal initiation temperature than polyethylene (PE); bonds directly to aluminum foil

Appeel® lidding resin:  Specially formulated for easy-open lidding films; bonds to a wide variety of substrates

Elvax® EVA resin:  Softer and clearer than PE; low seal initiation temperature, for fast packaging speeds

Elvaloy® AC resin:  Soft, flexible resin with excellent processing stability; low seal initiation temperature and good ink adhesion