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Are You Paying Too Much for a Sealed Package?

How to Calculate the Value-in-Use of a Packaging Film, From a Packager’s Perspective.

Packaging films made with a high-performance sealant resin, such as DuPont™ Surlyn®, often can be used at faster line speeds, with fewer rewraps or losses due to package failures (“leakers”) in transit and at retail. The DuPont Packaging Sealant Value Estimator (SaVE) helps brand owners and converters evaluate the total costs of flexible packaging that relies on sealing solutions to help protect the contents.

To assist you in using the SaVE calculator, download the step-by-step user guide on the right or click on any one of the links on the left-hand side of this page.

SaVE allows you to:

  • Collect Data Inputs
  • Choose Default Measurement Units or Modify Units
  • Input Data and Calculate Total Savings
  • See Calculated Results
  • Explore Breakeven Points on Key Variables
  • Start Over and Edit Parameters

SaVE makes the following assumptions:

  • The packing line is sold out; increased efficiencies (higher line speed and fewer rejects) result in either more product being sold, or other products packed on the line so that overhead and equipment costs are constant.

  • Increased line speeds can be achieved; the packaging line is not bottlenecked by factors other than sealing speed.

  • Labor for re-wraps is accounted for in the number of employees per line.
Sealant Value Estimator (SaVE)
Tutorial Companion to the Sealant Value Estimator (SaVE)

DuPont Sealant Value Estimator Tutorial Guide - Click to download 

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