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Online Technical Analysis Modeling Tools

DuPont Packaging presents these online interactive modeling tools based on its extensive suite of predictive models to help brand owners and converters evaluate their total flexible packaging costs and choose the right material for their product.

Image of selector tool output of sealants

Sealant Selector

The Sealant Selector Tool helps packaging engineers and designers quickly identify and compare the “critical few” potential sealant resin options from the vast array of possible choices.  The tool also helps the user choose the grades of Surlyn® ionomer resin from our extensive portfolio that best fit the requirements of the application that is being modeled.  Finally, used in conjunction with the SaVE tool, the user can then calculate the value-in-use of using Surlyn® ionomer resin and compare the “total cost” of using Surlyn® versus other sealants. » Learn more and Launch the Sealant Selector Tool
DuPont™ SaVE (Sealant Value Estimator)
The DuPont™ SaVE (Sealant Value Estimator), enables brand owners and packaging converters to evaluate the total cost of flexible packaging that relies on sealing solutions to help protect the contents.
» Learn more and Launch DuPont™ SaVE
Tie resin selector map
Tie Resin Selector
To help packaging manufacturers overcome the challenges of joining dissimilar layers together in multilayer packaging, DuPont created the Tie Resin Selector tool to help you find the right adhesive resin.
» Learn more and Launch the Tie Resin Selector Tool