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Through global collaboration, supported by DuPont’s broad portfolio of polymer modifiers and processing competency, we bring material-enabling technologies to the market that bring value-added functionality to you, our customers.

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Fusabond® Polymer Compatibilizers for Recycling Bridges Packaging with Tailored Materials

Read more about this award-winning closed-loop recycling process for agrochemical multilayer bottles in Brazil. » Learn more about the "Virtuous Cycle Using DuPont™ Fusabond®" Project
Enrique Requejo, president of Repshel, with a family who moved into a high quality, low-cost house that uses DuPont™ Elvaloy® resins as a reinforcement and thermal insulator.
Elvaloy® Permanent Polymer Plasticizers for PVC Helps Construct Low-Income Housing in Mexico
DuPont and Repshel use polymer science to help build affordable housing in Mexico, providing healthier, safer living spaces for underprivileged families. » View this video to learn more
DuPont Polymer Modifiers & Additives

Helping the plastics industry build better materials

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DuPont Innovation Centers

Offering real-time collaboration to help solve global challenges in food, energy and protection

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