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Focus Shifts to Packaging Value and Collaboration
Aldo Tavarez, Technical Consultant

After talking to several different companies at Pack Expo, a sudden realization hit me. There was something about these conversations that differs drastically from ones I have had in the past. The conversations were no longer focused on cost, but instead on value.

During the show, I saw companies showcasing their new ultrasonic sealing machines. Now, ultrasonic sealing technology is far from cheap but it can bring additional value to a manufacturer with increased efficiency, reduced waste, and lower production cost. Can you put a price on that? Yes, you can actually and it’s high, but that doesn’t appear to be a huge concern as long as the value is there.

Companies are not just focusing on opportunities for themselves; they are looking all the way down the value chain. Collaboration is key as different sections of the value chain work together to improve functionality. One popular example is converters developing take-back programs where they take end users’ waste and reuse them for other products. Companies are recognizing the true value of collaboration.

DuPont believes that through collaboration with customers, partners, governments, and other organizations, we find new and sustainable ways to provide for the world’s food, energy and protection needs. In communities around the world where we live and work, we lend our expertise to improve the quality of life at the local level. Together we can help solve the world’s greatest challenges.

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