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Packaging Equipment with Higher Speeds
Grant Chandlee, Sr. Technical Specialist

As I walked through the South Hall of Pack Expo, it appeared the crowd was more energized and the booths much more active than in recent years. With a great percentage of the 45,338 show attendees gathered around the machinery displays, it is evident that there is resurgence in the end use machinery industry and speed is the culprit.

Packing/filling machines used to be the bottle neck of the operation, holding up production with their limited operating speed. But the market demanded faster line speeds and better capabilities. As a result, these new packing machines are designed to run even faster than upstream equipment. Looking down the road, those machines will probably get faster as well, again pushing the limits on packing speed.

Once equipped with the latest and fastest machinery, companies will need to turn their focus to quality assurance and waste reduction. The increase in processing speed brings a greater risk of product contamination and microscopic seal leakers. It becomes more crucial than ever for packaging companies to use high performance sealants that seal hermitically through contamination and can be used under conditions that promote high speed lines.

DuPont™ Surlyn® packaging sealants have excellent hot tack and low temperature seal initiation, allowing for high production speeds. Surlyn® resins seal securely through the toughest challenges, maintaining its outstanding seal performance through both contamination and grease.

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