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Beverage Packaging:
Quench Consumers’ Thirst for Flavor and Convenience

From soft drinks to bottled water, the first twist of a beverage cap tells consumers the drink they're about to enjoy is crisp and fresh.

Cap linings made with DuPont™ Elvax® packaging resins provide your beverage packaging with:

  • Consistent seal integrity for greater protection against leaks
  • Better flavor preservation and cabonation retention
  • Tamper-evident protection for consumers
  • Prevention of unwanted tastes for longer shelf live and greater consumer satisfaction

With DuPont™ Appeel® lidding resins, your beverage packaging gets:

  • Tough, low-temperature sealability with excellent clarity, cling, flexibility impact and puncture resistance
  • Superior seal-through of liquid on cup rims to create strong seals that are easy to peel
  • Easy processability at low temperatures, providing energy savings and trouble-free processing of cup lidding in food service and frozen juice cups.

DuPont has everything you need to meet even your toughest beverage packaging challenges in a way that provides:

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