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Product Packaging Applications:
Different Needs, Same Source for Solutions

For product packaging applications, such as pouches and seals to lidding that peels, bottles, jars and caps and films and wraps, consumer brands around the world rely on DuPont Packaging resins to transform innovative designs into packaging reality.  Let us help you protect the quality of your product, enhance your brand’s shelf appeal and make your packages more convenient.

Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage

Secure from leaks while protecting flavor and quality are ways packages can help earn brand loyalty. » Food and Beverage Packaging
Perfume cap in clear resin
Cosmetics & Personal Care
Blending the science of materials selection with the art of great packaging helps luxury goods brands make a statement. » Cosmetic Packaging
Clear vials of plastic resin
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Packaging healthcare products to serve the needs of people around the world requires experience and materials that meet the highest quality standards. » Pharmaceutical Packaging
Skin packaging of shapely items
Retail & Consumer
Switching to skin or stretch packaging and using other innovative designs can help retailers decrease costs and increase profits. » Consumer Packaging