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Skin Film:
New Film Technology for Protective Packaging Reduces Energy Use and Waste

Appliance manufacturer, Miele, among first to capture benefits for its washing machine bezels;

Highly transparent DuPont™ Surlyn® packaging polymer helps protect susceptible, three-dimensional component surfaces

Package Description

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Skin film on Miele washing machine bezel | made with DuPont Surlyn® 

Consumers no longer have to worry about their Miele washing machines arriving at their homes with scratches on the high-gloss, thermoplastic bezels. The new film technology by Zappe Verpackungsmaschinen and Jura-Plast, Germany:

» Protects this susceptible surface
» Conserves energy and reduces waste

This special film ensures no formation of air bubbles between the surface and the film, preserving the high-quality appearance of the bezel. Its strong adhesion to the machine component allows for use of vacuum grippers during transport. Once at the end user’s home, the film is easily peeled, leaving no residue behind.

DuPont Resin Used, and Why

Highly transparent DuPont™ Surlyn® packaging polymer helps Zappe Verpackungsmaschinen and Jura-Plast create a skin film that protects, reduces and conserves. The strength of Surlyn® reduces rejects and raw material waste in the production line. This strength is preserved even when heated, enabling high draw ratios without the risk of the film tearing at the edges. The good heat absorption of Surlyn® makes the film stretchable after only 10 seconds of heating, conserving process energy and achieving short cycle times. After usage, the skin film can be recycled in the polyethylene waste stream.

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