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2014 - 26th Awards

Unilever's compressed aerosol cansUnilever garnered the Diamond award for its revolutionary compressed aerosol deodorant cans that benefit the consumers, environment, and retailers. The smaller cans – which contain the same amount of product and offer consumers the same amount of protection as the previous cans – mark the first major packaging reduction initiative for aerosol deodorants since they were introduced in the 1960s. These cans feature a re-engineered spray system that uses a reduced amount of propellants to deliver the same amount of deodorant with each spray.
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2013 - 25th Awards
AidPod for ColaLife Delivers Life-Saving Medicine to Children in Remote Villages  
At the Silver Anniversary of the DuPont Packaging Awards, top honors went to U.K.-based design firm pi global for AidPod, which delivers life-saving medicine to remote sub-Saharan villages.  This unique packaging and distribution program captured the premier Diamond and the Special 25th Anniversary ‘Food Security’ award. Several leading brands - Gillette, Clorox, Pepperidge Farms and Heiz - also took home gold or silver awards.» 2013 DuPont Packaging Awards

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2012 - 24th Awards
Innovative vacuum-packaging that reduces food waste by keeping meat looking and staying fresh longer took top honors in DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation. Several leading brands – Heinz, Kraft, Pepperidge Farm, Cadbury and Unilever – also took home diamond, gold or silver awards in the 24th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation.

» 2012 DuPont Packaging Awards
2011 - 23rd Awards
Gillette Fusion ProGlide  
The winning entries of the 23rd DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation represented breakthrough developments from brand giants such as Coca Cola, Intel, GlaxoSmithKlein and Heinz.

» 2011 DuPont Packaging Awards
2010 - 22nd Awards
Entropy's Greenbox  
The 2010 DuPont Packaging Awards program focused on the essential elements needed to drive breakthroughs in packaging: Innovative New Developments, Cost/Waste Reduction and Improved Sustainability.

» 2010 DuPont Packaging Awards
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2009 - 21st Awards
Aveda Vintage Clove Shampoo Bottles  
Winners were honored in a global on-line event that included exchanges on key sustainability topics in the packaging industry and solutions for end of life.

» 2009 DuPont Packaging Awards
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2008 - 20th Awards
Seven winners and three notables selected for sustainable achievements.
» 2008 DuPont Packaging Awards
2006 - 19th Awards
Tetra Wedge(tm) standup pouch  
The world's first aseptic transparent stand-up-pouch, The Tetra Wedge™ Aseptic Clear 200S is designed especially for children's on-the-go drinks.
» 2006 DuPont Packaging Awards
2005 - 18th Awards
Polycoated steel bowl with peelable lid  
This innovative single-serving package consists of a polymer coated steel bowl and easy-to-open peelable lid, offering practicality and preservation properties at the same time. » 2005 DuPont Packaging Awards
2004 - 17th Awards
Holographic foil for blister packs  
Holographic Foil for Blister Packs help to prevent counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products. » 2004 DuPont Packaging Awards
2003 - 16th Awards
Wild rice in non-foil standup pouch  
Fall River Wild Rice in a non-foil stand-up retort pouch, is wild rice at the ready. » 2003 DuPont Packaging Awards