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Packaging Executives Discuss Top Trends

Jurors and speakers from the 2011 DuPont Packaging Awards and Packaging Exchange discuss trends and challenges facing the packaging industry across the globe.

June 13, 2011
DuPont Packaging Exchange


The Future of Packaging Design and the Challenges to Incorporate Innovation, Sustainability and Cost/Waste Reduction

Peter Clarke, Founder/CEO - Product Ventures

June 13, 2011
DuPont Packaging Exchange


The Sustainable Packaging Paradox: Closing the Gap Between Quantum Science and Consumer Technology

Bob Lilienfeld, Editor - The "Use Less Stuff" (ULS) Report

Jurors of the 2011 DuPont Packaging Awards



What is the biggest challenge you see facing the packaging industry?



What is the most important driver for packaging innovation in the next five years?



What are the most significant rising packaging trends that you see in your home market?



What Do You See as the Most Important Packaging Need in Your Home Market?

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