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Shaped, Foil-Lined Canister Wakes Up the Cereal Aisle

Target’s “Archer Farms” cereal takes a stand against
old-fashioned bag-in-box alternatives.

Inner liner with DuPont™ Surlyn® helps assure
product freshness in shapely new package.

Package Description

Archer Farms bag-in-box cereal packaging 
Sonoco’s Linearpak container for Target’s Archer Farms brand cereal is helping the retail trendsetter redefine the cereal category. The dramatic, shaped paperboard canister introduces a new alternative and a significant first for the breakfast cereal category, where bag-in-box packaging has reigned supreme for decades. The uniquely shaped canister has a similar footprint to a traditional cereal box, but with a curved sides to fit the consumer’s hand, and a hinged plastic overcap to facilitate pouring and recloseability. To open the package, consumers gentle peel a tabbed membrane adhered to the top of the canister.
DuPont Resin Used, and Why
DuPont™ Surlyn® packaging sealant resins help Sonoco achieve a poly-coated foil inner liner that eliminates the need for a separate bag inside the canister. The inner liner is abrasion resistant, to help maintain a humidity barrier and preserve product freshness. The Surlyn® resin also helps assure consistent adhesion of the canister’s convenient easy-pour overcap.
The Synthesis of Mind, Methods and Materials
DuPont Packaging resins help create, integrate, seal, optimize and sustain innovative packaging solutions worldwide, helping efficiently deliver safer, fresher, more sustainable foods, cosmetics, medical products, and other consumer and industrial goods to people everywhere.

synthesis: how packaging comes together

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