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DuPont™ Surlyn® in Bacon Packaging

Application Description

Bacon packagingDuPont™ Surlyn® Stands Up to the Challenges of Packaging Bacon

Bacon is a product that has many packaging challenges. Typically, the seal areas are very narrow on high-speed bacon packaging equipment. In addition, bacon has a high fat content, and the fat contributes to a high degree of contamination in the seal area.  Curwood Curlon® 1800 bacon films, which contain Surlyn® 1601 resins, are used by Farmland Foods to package their retail bacon line.
Benefits Gained
  • Secure sealing -- even through greasy fats.
  • Improved productivity due to increased machine speeds.
  • Quality and flavor protection.
  • Reduction in pinhole leakers.
  • Enhanced aesthetics.
Materials Selected and Why
Surlyn® was selected for this challenging application because it provides excellent sealing through contamination and has outstanding wrinkle caulking ability.  The fact that Surlyn® offers good hot tack and faster machine speeds, good puncture resistance and excellent clarity and sheen was also important.
Converter:  Curwood, Inc. – Oshkosh, Wisconsin
End User:  Farmland Foods – Kansas City, Missouri

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