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Packaging Innovation Thrives in New, Shelf-Stable Fresh Meal Products from ConAgra

Creative combination of design and materials gives consumers a new choice in fresh-made meals.
Peelable protective lid made with DuPont™ Appeel® opens up a new single-serve food experience.

Package Description

ConAgra's Healthy Choice Ready Meals with Easy-Peel Lidding 
Packaging design by famed IDEO, and an innovative shelf-stable single-serve meal concept from ConAgra combine to give consumers a new way to enjoy tasty, fresh-made office lunches or meals-on-the-go. Maria Callender’s HomeStyle Creations and Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers feature dry rice or pasta in a plastic tub, ready for added water and quick microwave cooking. The freshly cooked pasta or rice is then drained using a clever tub cap that doubles as a strainer. Then, just mix in the flavorful contents from a retort tray also enclosed in the kit, and you have a meal experience as close as possible to home-prepared, with nothing more than access to water and a microwave. Separation and assembly of the ingredient components in this way creates a positive consumer food preparation experience with the payoff of an enjoyably textured, tasty, and nutritious meal.
DuPont Resin Used, and Why
DuPont™ Appeel® lidding resins are used to adhere a peelable, reverse-printed PET film label and dust cover to the perforated polypropylene tub cap. Reliable sealing and controlled peel strength are key contributors to product protection and easy opening.
The Synthesis of Mind, Methods and Materials
DuPont Packaging resins help create, integrate, seal, optimize and sustain innovative packaging solutions worldwide, helping efficiently deliver safer, fresher, more sustainable foods, cosmetics, medical products, and other consumer and industrial goods to people everywhere.

synthesis: how packaging comes together

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