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Alanska Salmon Makes a Splash

Application Description

Alanska Salmon Makes a Splash with DuPont™ Surlyn®  

Smoked salmon is placed on wooden platters and vacuum-packed in bags of a polyamide film structure that includes Surlyn® resin.
Bags of polyamide film
Benefits Gained
  • Leak-proof, wrinkle-free package –- even if fat is present at the sealing edge when the product is pushed into the bag.

  • Fresh taste is preserved.

  • Enhanced consumer appeal due to high-gloss transparency and soft touch.
Materials Selected and Why
Surlyn® was selected to package this premium product because of its reliable sealing characteristics, transparency and exceptional seal strength and hot tack.  An added benefit was that Surlyn® can be sealed at low temperatures, making it ideally suited to secondary sealing, which provides additional product protection.
Packaging Converter:  Ternois Plastiques -  Hesdin, France
End User:  Alanska “Red Line” Label Salmon, France

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