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Popular Brazilian Bonbon Adds Easy-Peel Lidded Gift Pack

Kraft’s Sonho de Valsa confection comes in
gift-ready trays with freshness-sealed lidding film.

Easy-open, lacquer-free barrier lidding film with
DuPont™ Appeel® adds to packaging romance.

Package Description

Sonho de Valsa confections 
Brazilian bonbon favorite, Sonho de Valsa (“Waltz Dream”), gives Kraft Foods a position among the leading confection brands nationwide, especially among female consumers. Available Sonho de Valsa SKUs include individually wrapped treats as well as bags and boxes sold all over Brazil. The bonbons are also used in recipes ranging from pies to drinks.

To encourage more men to buy Sonho de Valsa for their girlfriends, Kraft designed new packaging and launched marketing campaigns emphasizing romance, with a focus on new, smaller gift packs. The new heart-shaped packaging consists of thermoformed barrier plastic trays with a high barrier, easy-peel lidding, inside of printed cardboard box. The foil/BOPP lidding film seals to the thermoformed trays without needing lacquer-based adhesives or related emission controls.
DuPont Resin Used, and Why
DuPont™ Appeel® lidding sealant resins provide hermetic seals and easy-peel features with a variety of lidding materials and substrates. Using a freshness-sealed lid on the tray packs eliminates the need for individual bonbon wrappers, reducing packaging consumption.
DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers manufactures an extensive mix of adhesive, barrier, peelable lidding and sealant resins and provides a globally networked development team to work with customers on packaging programs that help protect the product, environment; improve shelf appeal, convenience; and reduce cost in the food, cosmetics, medical products and other consumer goods and industrial packaging industries.

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