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Skin Packaging with Film of DuPont™ Surlyn®

Application Description

Dr. Scholl skin packaging 
Skin Packaging with Film of DuPont™ Surlyn® Helps
Dr. Scholl’s Samples Get Off on the Right Foot

Samples of the Dr. Scholl’s corn cushions are packaged 30-up on a Zed Auto Skin-Trim (AST-10) machine. The master card measures 17-7/8 inches by 23-7/8 inches. The package uses printed 24-point SBS board and four-mil film of Surlyn®. The package design also features an easy-open peel-back corner that is accomplished by applying a spot of varnish on the corner after the board is coated. Although the Surlyn® still adheres to the cards, the consumer can easily open the package.
Benefits Gained
  • Ability to let consumers easily “experience” the product -- by squeezing the gel-based cushions and feeling how comfortable they are -- without damaging the packaging.
  • Enhanced product appearance.
  • Secure, yet easy to open packaging.
Materials Selected and Why
Skin packaging with film of Surlyn® was selected for this application because this nearly invisible, flexible, ultra-thin film would allow consumers to truly experience this unique product while it’s still protected in the package.  Skin packaging also provided a cost-effective, yet high-quality solution.
Packaging Contractor:  CWS -– Norwich, New York
End User:  Schering-Plough HealthCare Products, Inc., a subsidiary of Shering-Plough Corporation -–Madison, New Jersey

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