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Processing Aids & Modifiers
Packaging Processed and Modified with Ease

Our processing aids and modifiers are designed to change and improve the properties of packaging films and coatings. Others help scour tough die deposits and gels in extruders.  The end result is packaging that is strong and durable.

See how our products make Processing and Modifying Packaging Easier.

Surlyn® Packaging Resins

When made into films, Surlyn® resins:
  • Deliver outstanding clarity, toughness, draw-down strength and puncture and tear resistance. 
  • Can be laminated with other materials.
  • Reduce rejects and raw material waste in the production line due to its strength, which is preserved even when heated.
  • Make film stretchable after only 10 seconds of heating due to the good heat absorption of Surlyn®, conserving process energy and achieving short cycle times.

DuPont scientists have developed special grades of Surlyn® for film applications, including films optimized for use on skin packaging machines.
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Elvaloy® Polymer Modifiers
  • Improves toughness, flexibility and weatherability of CPET and APET trays
  • Processed easily on conventional equipment used by packaging film converters
  • Offers melt strength and thermal stability advantages versus other similar copolymers
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Elvaloy® AC Acrylate Copolymer
  • Soft, flexible resin wtih excellent stability during processing
  • Low sealing temperature and good ink adhesion
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Biomax® Strong and Biomax® Thermal Modifier Resins
  • Alternative to petroleum-based products
  • Offers reduced dependence on petroleum
  • Reduces net production of greenhouse gases
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Entira™ Resin Modifiers
  • Offers outstanding anti-static performance, even at very low humidity, for exceptional shelf presentation
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Booster™ Throughput Enhancer
  • Improves melt strength in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) blow molding applications
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Conpol™ Masterbatch Resins
  • Modifies the surface properties of films or coatings that are made with DuPont™ Surlyn® or DuPont™ Nucrel® resins
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Fusabond® Compatibilizer Resins
  • Improves the mechanical and optical properties of scrap regrind/reuse from multilayer film, bottles or sheet, making it cost effective
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DuPont™ LDPE6611 Purge Resin
  • Contains various additives to assist in purging and cleaning extruders
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