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Sustainability in Packaging:
Innovation Is Key

At DuPont Packaging, we believe innovation and science can help create sustainability in packaging, optimizing the amount of packaging materials used and enabling a future where all packaging is recycled or its value is recovered.   We also believe that renewably sourced materials are an important key to our future and collaborative innovation is necessary to turn this vision into reality. 


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Renewable Materials End of Life Alternatives 
Ideal substitutes for petroleum-based products without compromising package performance or aesthetics.Physical recycling is just one end-of-life solution for packaging.  Our portfolio of innovative solutions includes a variety of products. 
>> Pro-Cote® Soy polymer>> Elvanol® EVOH  
>> Selar® VP resins  >> Fusabond® compatibilizers  
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Material Optimization Solutions GHG and Energy Savers
We have a variety of sustainable packaging solutions to help you meet your material optimization goals.Our innovative packaging solutions are helping to lower energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
>> Surlyn® resins>> Cyrel® FAST 
>> DuPont Teijin Films™ Mylar®
     ECO films
 >> Appeel® resins 
>> Biomax® Strong modifier 
AMERIPEN member 
Sustainability Challenges Cost as Packaging Industry's Top Challenge in Coming Years
Food Security Remains a Top Trend

Learn more about the results from the 2012 survey conducted by Packaging World and DuPont of more than 500 subscribers to Packaging World and

Sustainable Products Are Here to Stay

Delivering products with environmental benefits is a long-term market opportunity according to 89 percent of DuPont customers surveyed in 2010.

Sustainable Packaging Portfolio