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Webinar: Advancements in Easy-Open Packaging

Recording: Advancements in Easy-Open Packaging by Terry Kendig, Senior Technical Consultant - DuPont Packaging - April 16, 2014:  This is the second in a series of webinars for Rethinking and Reinventing Packaging Through Collaboration.

Questions Addressed During the Webinar and that You Will Hear in the Recording:

  • How do you see the growth in retort packaging, and does DuPont have materials that can participate?
  • Which Appeel® grades have cohesive or interfacial peel failure?
  • What is the regional breakdown for Appeel® production? Are the majority of these resins produced in the US, Canada, AP?
  • What kind of seal strength force is considered as easy opening while still safely closing the cup?
  • Is Appeel® involved in the coffee K-Cup market? I know we make some resins for the actual cup but wasn't sure about the cup seal.
  • Is drying needed for Appeel? What is the recommended moisture level?
  • Are Appeel® grades identified by whether they can be used for blown film extrusions versus cast coating/extrusion?

If you have additional questions, contact Terry Kendig at Phone: 302-999-4327; Mobile:  302-668-8067; Email: