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Advanced Semiconductor Packaging & Circuit Materials

Applications - Automotive

Flexible/Rigid Flex Circuits

High Performance / Reliable Automatic Transmissions Rely on Flex Circuit Cables for a Better Engineered Interconnect

The challenge was to reduce production and assembly costs without compromising reliability. Our solution -DuPont™ Pyralux® LF & FR acrylic adhesive based flex circuit cable assemblies to withstand the harsh environment of an automotive drivetrain.


DaimlerChrysler's 7G-Tronic relies on Pyralux®

DaimlerChrysler utlizes a Pyralux® laminated flexible printed circuit board to enable communications between the magnetic values, sensors and floats, the gearbox connector, and the electronics.


Thick film Hybrids

Thick Film Copper System For High Efficiency Discharge Headlamps

Challenge Designing an efficient, environmentally friendly, high intensity discharge (HID) headlamp system.