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Advanced Semiconductor Packaging & Circuit Materials

Semiconductor Packaging & Circuit Materials

Unique Product Designs Require Customized Materials to Solve Flex Interconnect Challenges

Challenge: Flex Circuit Materials Available with Short Lead Times in a Wide Variety of Constructions

Solution: DuPont™ Pyralux® LF, FR and AP copper clad laminate, coverlay & adhesives – Satisfy All Design Requirements

Application Description

Many electrical devices are developed for specific end use applications often providing unique value for a specialized customer base. In many cases, the electrical interconnects for these devices are almost an "afterthought", worked out after the components providing the essential functionality have been selected. Designing in a flex circuit can be a very effective way to reliably interconnect a number of discrete elements in a limited space. Quickly prototyping, validating the design and entering production is often dependent on the availability of a wide range of product options on short notice. Minimizing the total "time to market" can be a key element in the successful introduction of high-end consumer and industrial products.

Materials Selected and Why

DuPont™ Pyralux® LF and Pyralux® FR acrylic adhesive based copper clad laminates are available with Kapton thickness of ½ mil to 5 mils. The "all-polyimide" dielectric core used with DuPont™ Pyralux® AP clads ranges from 1 mil up to 20+ mils in thickness. Standard copper foils are available in all Pyralux® constructions. Foil options range from 9 micron ED through 4oz. RA. In addition, clads using "double treat" copper as well as other special copper and non-copper alloys are available. Unbalanced clads (different copper foils on each side) as well as custom adhesive thickness for clads and coverlays can be ordered.

DuPont Flexible Circuit Materials are manufactured in batch form in the Eastern United States. All the key raw materials are made within a few hundred miles of the coating and lamination facility located in Towanda, Pa. Many constructions are held as semi-finished product ready to cut to size and ship. If not "on the shelf" small quantities can be delivered with relatively short notice.

The breadth and depth of the constructions available and the manufacturing flexibility inherent in batch processing are key elements of the Pyralux® product line. These attributes enable flex circuit designers to meet the unique interconnect needs of the industrial and high-end consumer market. The ability to rapidly respond to prototype needs and ramp easily to full production scale maximizes the probability of success of a new product launch.