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Welcome to the Semiconductor Packaging & Circuit Materials knowledge center and information resource library. Here you will find all the documents, presentations and sales literature that appear on our site. If you can't find what you're looking for here, please contact us .

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For additional information on DuPont Semiconductor Packaging & Circuit Materials, product data sheets, application profiles, case studies and more, visit our product web sites listed below:

DuPont hybrid circuit materials: Enables production of integrated, low cost hermetic multichip hybrid modules on alumina, alumina nitride and beryllium oxide.
EKC cleaners and removers: The industry standard for back end of line interconnect cleaning, these products remove resists used in C4 and other fine pitch wafer bumping processes.
Green Tape™ LTCC: Provides the best combination of properties including reduced system cost, high frequency performance, embedded passives and more.
ImageMaster™ diazo phototooling film: New, universal diazo phototooling film for all PCB applications. 
Interra® embedded passive materials: A complete family of materials and technology allowing functionality of surface mounted capacitors and resistors to be embedded for a variety of applications.
Kapton® polyimide films: Industry standard in fine pitch flexible circuit applications. 
Liquid polyimides: Broadest portfolio of liquid polyimides in the industry. Ideal for a variety of uses for advanced packaging lithography.
Thin and thick film photoresists and dry film removers: inegrated wafer level packaging materials enabling Pillars and Bumping. 
Pyralux® flexible circuit materials: Broadest industry portfolio for flexible and rigid-flex circuit materials including copper-clad laminates, coverlays, bondplys and sheet adhesives.
Riston® dry film photoresist: Industry standard for broad process latitude and high yield. new formulations continually developed for leading-edge patterning in advanced packaging and modules. 
Vacrel® Dry Film Soldermask: Provides highly reliable environmental protection through excellent electrical, chemical and mechanical properties.