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Advanced Semiconductor Packaging & Circuit Materials


MEPTEC Article, November 11, 2005

DuPont Semiconductor Packaging & Circuit Materials – Connected by Science

A few years ago, DuPont Electronic Technologies embarked on a strategy to extend beyond its leading position in circuit materials, into semiconductor fabrication, semiconductor packaging and large format display materials. These new areas were chosen because of their attractive growth rates and a belief that increasingly more demanding performance would play to DuPont’s broad strength in materials science.

A critical element to executing this strategy was improving how DuPont leveraged its capabilities externally and internally. Peter Irvine, a twenty-year veteran of the electronics industry, was chosen to head up efforts in the IC Packaging and Interconnects arena.

“My role quite simply is to build a bigger business for DuPont in the space from the back end of the wafer to the box,” said Irvine, “and to do this we must do a better job of marrying-up the right opportunities with our science capabilities.”

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