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Research Triangle Park, NC, September 13, 2006

DuPont Showcases a New Thermal Laminate at IMAPS LED Workshop

The IMAPS Advanced Technology Workshop on Packaging & Assembly of Power LEDs was held in Palo Alto, CA on September 13 - 15, 2006. During the workshop, DuPont introduced a new thermal laminate based on exciting, new polyimide film technology. The presentation was entitled "Improved Thermal Performance with Polyimide Based Laminate Substrates" and was given by Dan Amey, Gary Briney, and David Sutton, employees of DuPont Electronic Technologies. For more information on this new laminate, please review the abstract below and download white paper and presentation.



Thermal performance has always been a significant factor in the choice of materials for Electronic Packaging. However, new demands are being placed on packaging and interconnecting substrates in applications that have historically had the need for high thermal performance materials such as Power Supplies and Inverters, automotive under-the-hood modules and military electronics. New applications are also emerging that require high thermal performance materials in displays, commercial lighting, automotive headlights and even consumer products. In addition to thermal performance, materials must meet regulatory agency requirements, more stringent reliability performance and be environmentally friendly, all at lower cost.

Recognizing these new thermal performance needs, DuPont Electronic Technologies has developed a thermal management material technology building on 40 years of experience of electronics industry use of polyimide (Kapton®) films in high temperature and high reliability applications. Composite structures using this material have been demonstrated to be able to meet these increasingly stringent thermal requirements.

Download: White Paper, Presentation