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Research Triangle Park, NC, March 18, 2008

DuPont Technical Paper Wins Award at ECWC 11 in Shanghai

Carl Dietz - Embedded CapacitorsDr. Karl H. Dietz, Technology Manager, DuPont Electronic Technologies presented "Integration of Embedded Capacitors into Flip-chip Substrate Structures for Improved Power System Noise Decoupling and Charge Supply to the IC" at ECWC 11 on March 17, 2008.

The paper was selected as "Best Technical Paper" out of over 100 submitted for this show, which was sponsored by the China Printed Circuit Association.

This paper gives an overview of:

  • Integration of capacitors into substrate layers in close proximity to the IC
  • Capacitor interconnections through vias designed for low inductance and low impedance
  • Low target impedance over a mid-frequency range through capacitor designs and arrays resulting in a range of different resonance frequencies

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