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Research Triangle Park, N.C. , March 5, 2010

DuPont Features New Material Innovations in Electronics at IPC APEX Expo

Market Driven Science Expands Offerings for Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

Contact: Ellen G. Pressley

DuPont will feature a range of new material offerings for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry at the IPC APEX Conference & Exhibition at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nev., from April 6 – 8, 2010.  New technologies on display will include dry film photoresists and phototooling films for printed circuit board (PCB) imaging, flexible circuit materials, embedded resistor materials and new screen printed inks for PCB fabrication.

“Materials matter when you’re producing smaller, faster, and more functional printed circuit boards,” said Peter A. Irvine – global business director – DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials.  “Performance and reliability are imperative for fabricators and end users alike.  By working closely with our customers and building on the proven track record of our leading brands, we’ve accelerated our product development efforts to ensure we’re meeting the current and emerging needs for materials in the PCB industry.  DuPont is currently outpacing growth overall in the PCB industry, which is estimated at around seven percent, and we’re well positioned for continued growth as we help our customers succeed with the innovations we’re bringing forward.”

By connecting science and technology from across the company and around the world, DuPont continues to deliver advanced material solutions for the PCB industry.  Specific new offerings that will be featured at IPC APEX Expo include:

  • Two new products in the DuPont CB Series family of screen printable inks for additive, low temperature processing on both rigid and flexible circuit boards, including a printed silver conductor ink designed to simplify selective electroplating applications, and an additive, plateable silver conductor that can be used as an overprint for via fills. 
  • A new high speed Pyralux® flexible laminate material for use in high speed digital and high frequency applications, which will be available in a variety of thicknesses, with a dielectric constant as low at 2.3 and a dissipation factor down to 0.002.
  • An expanded line of Pyralux® AP flexible circuit material, with special focus on thicker polyimides.  These thicker versions of the well-established Pyralux® AP product line allow more flexibility to designers when impedance control specifications become a limiting factor.  Pyralux® APR embedded resistor laminates will also be featured.
  • A new Idealine™ phototooling plotter film with unsurpassed performance characteristics, which is designed to image finer lines and features while also providing improved dimensional stability. 
  • Riston® PlateMaster PM300 dry film photoresist - the next generation fine line copper/tin and copper/solder plating film. Excellent resolution and wide processing latitude give PCB fabricators the ability to produce more demanding plated features.
  • The latest in the successful Riston® SpecialFX series of dry film photoresists, Riston® FX2000, which is designed to produce new, higher resolution innerlayers demanded of leading edge printed circuit boards
  • Riston® LaserSeries LDI7200 - designed to provide superior performance on today's laser direct imaged outerlayer boards.  The capability of the film in a broad range of plating solutions (copper, tin, solder, nickel, gold) and its availability in thicknesses ranging from 40 microns to 100 microns, enables fabricators to use one film to meet all of their LDI needs.

To learn more about the products DuPont will be featuring for the PCB industry at the IPC APEX Expo this year, please visit us at the show in booth #616, or visit for further details.

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