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Advanced Semiconductor Packaging & Circuit Materials

Semiconductor Packaging & Circuit Materials

Thick Film Hybrids

DuPont provides unique, customer developed hybrid solutions utilizing our advanced thick film experience in inks, screen printing, and coating pastes. Our solutions include: integrating active and discrete components; wire bonding; conductors; and solder joints.

Dielectrics, Conductors & Resistors

Crossover and Multilayer Dielectrics

DuPont dielectrics provide excellent insulation at reduced thickness with mechanical robustness to support soldered devices. Dielectrics deliver reliability in harsh environments and enable the use of inner-layer silver conductors to improve cost effectiveness, multi-layer circuits, and cross-over designs.

Many DuPont dielectrics for crossover and multi-layers can be fired using short firing cycles (below 30 minutes) without affecting their performance. Environmentally friendly dielectrics (with PbO contents below 1%) are available to meet the stringent specifications on the use of the restricted materials.

DuPont™ Fodel® photo patterned materials

DuPont photo patterning with thick film process allows for the formation of fine line features with excellent edge definition. Using Fodel® materials and processes, the system delivers fine lines in condense conductor traces with 50 micron lines on a 100 micron pitch and spaces on conventional alumina substrate.

Thick Film Resistor Compositions

By understanding the complex chemical, physical and electrical interactions between constituents of a thick film resistor and multilayer dielectrics, we have designed a resistor system with improved TCR control, a wide process window, minimum and controlled termination effects and excellent environmental stability.

Additional benefits provided by the DuPont resistors are:

  • low noise characteristics (rated up to five times better than those of conventional systems)
  • improved post-laser trim stability (improved by a factor of three)
  • outstanding durability at high temperatures.

Thick Film Brazing System

The demands for placing more functionality into smaller packages creates numerous EMI/RFI issues. DuPont thick film brazing mateirals forms a EMI/RFI shielding and hermetic package. Our high strength, high reliability attachment mechanism is compatible with thick film resistors, as well as conventional IC and LID attach processes.

Via Fill Conductive Paste

We provide conductive pastes utilized to form an interconnection between a thick film hybrid circuit.