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Advanced Semiconductor Packaging & Circuit Materials

Semiconductor Packaging & Circuit Materials

Advanced Semiconductor Packages

DuPont offers a growing portfolio of dielectric materials, laminates and dry film photoresists used in advanced chip-scale, wafer level and flip chip packages. New product developments include low CTE microvia build up films, thinner non-woven reinforcements for low CTE laminates, permanent photodefinable dry films and embedded passive materials.

Advanced Packaging

Dry Film Photoresists

A new family of permanent and non-permanent photopolymer films designed for wafer applications in advanced semiconductor packaging, including wafer bumping for flip chip, backside wafer coating and other wafer level packaging applications. Our broad DuPont™ WB Series of thick (50-120um) dry film photoresists for wafer bumping excel in both photo stencil and electroplating processes.

DuPont™ Riston® Dry Film Photoresist 

New DuPont™ Riston® dry film photoresists are continuously developed for leading edge patterning of organic substrates for advanced packaging.


Permanent Dielectrics

Liquid Polyimides

We have the broadest portfolio of liquid polyimides in the industry. Our materials are proven as stress buffers, and because of superior mechanical and thermal properties, are now being favored for advanced packaging.

GreenTape™ Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC)

The long-term reliability of semiconductors is affected by the properties of materials used in the packaging. Issues related to semiconductor packaging include moisture absorption and moisture intrusion in polymer packages and die attach materials. LTCC acts as a superior hermetic packaging technology versus organic materials for applications that have demanding thermal requirements, very high circuit density needs through fine features and component integration, and need to be able to resist harsh environments.

DuPont™ Interra™ embedded passives

Through our unique technology which marries the performance of fired ceramics with low cost printed circuit board manufacturing, discrete capacitors with capacitance densities of 150nF/sq. cm can be embedded in packages for decoupling applications.

DuPont™ Teflon® AF fluoropolymer

Teflon® AF is a family of amorphous fluoropolymers.  These materials are comparable to other fluoropolymers in their performance over a wide range of temperatures, in having excellent chemical resistance, and in having outstanding electrical properties.  Teflon® AF polymers have the lowest dielectric constant of any known solid polymer. Teflon® AF polymers have the lowest index of refraction of any known polymer.


Laminate Materials

DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide film

High modulus Kapton® E polyimide film is used in sputter plated laminates for fine pitch packages produced via TAB processing.