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Advanced Semiconductor Packaging & Circuit Materials

Semiconductor Packaging & Circuit Materials


Hermetic multichip modules are currently the standard method for packaging Integrated Circuits (IC's) requiring high reliability and performance. The need for hermetic packaging is becoming even more critical with increased circuit density and closer packing of bare IC's. We currently offer ceramic and organic material technologies to allow for the integration of active and passive components in packages for automotive, computer, commercial, telecommunications and military applications. Our technologies can provide tremendous benefits in terms of high performance and small size without sacrificing the high performance you might need.

Ceramic Technologies

DuPont™ Green Tape™ System

DuPont™ Green Tape™ Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) system meets the need for flip chip compatibility, small size, and robust high frequency and mechanical properties.

By using DuPont™ Green Tape™ system, customers are able to integrate microwave structures for the antenna filter and transmit/receive baluns into the substrates, providing good performance and a well-balanced utilization of the top and inner layers of the substrate. The modules also have a small form factor as a result of the flip chip assembly of the IC to the LTCC substrate, and BGA assembly to the application PCB.

Thick Film Hybrids

The need for hermetic packaging is becoming even more critical with increased circuit density and closer packing of bare IC's. This is applicable to all types of multichip modules (D, C or L), independent of the metallization scheme used. Look to DuPont thick film multilayer material system for producing integrated low cost hermetic multichip hybrid modules for high performance applications requiring low resistivity metallizations, large number of input/output and high thermal conductivity.



Organic Technologies

Liquid Polyimides

We have the broadest portfolio of liquid polyimides in the industry. Our materials are proven as traditional stress buffers and because of superior mechanical and thermal properties are now being favored for newer flip chip packages.

DuPont™ Riston® Dry Film Photoresist

DuPont™ Riston® dry film photoresists are continuously developed for leading edge patterning of organic substrates for advanced packaging and modules.

Dry Film Photoresists

A new family of permanent and non-permanent photopolymer films designed for imaging on inorganic substrates and wafer applications in advanced semiconductor packaging and modules. Applications include patterning using various plating processes, wet and dry etching, wafer bumping, bonding of substrates, permanent housing and protective coatings.