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Feeding Special Children in Pakistan

DuPont Community Fund Program helps provide meals to deaf children

With a focus on unlocking solutions to help end hunger, the DuPont Community Fund [DCF] Program in Pakistan recently collaborated with Family Educational Services Foundation [FESF] to provide healthy lunch meals to the Deaf Reach School in Hyderabad, Pakistan. FESF is a non-profit educational organization working in Pakistan since 1984.

A majority of the Deaf Reach School students belong to low socio-economic backgrounds and are unable to afford lunch meal during their school hours. Through this program, the children will be provided a balanced lunch prepared under the Culinary Arts program at the school. 

“The mission of FESF is to enhance the quality of life of our children and encourage independent learning. We are grateful to DuPont for their help in making that happen. We share the same vision; we want to empower our children to be responsible productive citizens of Pakistan,” said Richard Geary, Executive Director, FESF.

Attended by over 130 students and faculty staff, DuPont introduced its 210 years of rich heritage and shared valuable tips to promote personal hygiene and food safety among children.

Tauqir Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer, DuPont Pakistan Operations (Pvt.) Ltd. said, “Our goal is to improve nutrition and give back to our community. Safety and Health is a part of our core values and key to DuPont’s sustainable growth mission. DuPont is delighted to support FESF’s goal to promote healthy living. We hope our contributions will help them enhance their productivity and scholastic aptitude.”

DuPont Pakistan Team at the Deaf Reach School

Seema Kapadia, Public Affairs Middle East & Pakistan enlightening the children on DuPont rich heritage and products

Handicrafts made by the children