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DuPont Tyvek® Protecting Date Crops in Pakistan

Today, Date farmers in Pakistan face an acute challenge on protecting date crops from natural disasters. Livelihood of farming community rests to monsoon season conflicting to ripening season of for dates, to the extent that even a little rain would result in destroying almost 80% of the crop. Traditionally, these trees are covered with mats made of date-palm leaves to save these crops from possible destruction due to rain during the monsoon season. However, this has been proven ineffective.

Addressing these concerns, DuPont has introduced DuPont Tyvek® paper to the Ministry of Agriculture to protect dates from rain hazards. DuPont Tyvek® is water-resistant but allows the air to pass through it needed by the date plant. Tyvek® is used globally to safeguard agricultural harvests from extreme conditions. Tyvek® bags are being used to cover the dates bunches to save the crop from dust and rain. This will also improve the quality of dates enabling our farmers to reap good profits. This solution has reaped big benefit to our farmer community and the product has proven successful. This was acknowledged by the Agribusiness Support Fund [ASF], Government of Sindh and Sindh dates Growers Association. ASF also approved a grant of Rs. 1.45 million to protect dates crop of Khairpur, Sindh. Extensive tests and trials were conducted and are now widely adopted by Date farmers.

Dates having Tyvek® covers for two weeks:

  • Production increases [from 6 to 12kg/bunch]
  • Enhanced date size/color/quality & taste
  • Ripe much earlier
  • Protection from rain water
  • Protection from dust
  • Ripe on tree