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DuPont Pakistan provides Medical Support to SOS Children’s Village, Karachi

DuPont Pakistan Operations (Pvt.) Ltd. under the DuPont Community Fund Program [DCF] contributed to SOS Children’s Village Community Clinic and funded medical and clinical expenses for the year. SOS Pakistan is a private social welfare organization providing orphans and abandoned children a home, good nurturing and a fair chance in life, a new and permanent home.

Under this program, almost 200 SOS Village children and over 35 resident mothers and domestic staff will have access to free medical check-ups, medicines, dental examination, free screening of new admissions including lab tests, ultrasound, x-rays and vaccinations. The contribution will also support emergency needs including hospitalization expenses. In 2010, collaborating with Naya Jeevan, DuPont Pakistan provided health insurance plan coverage to SOS Village children, resident mothers and domestic staff.

Last year, with the rising concern of dengue epidemic and increasing cases being reported in the country, DuPont Corporate Medical Representative shared symptoms and precautions to raise awareness among the children. DuPont also shared a short presentation to promote a safer lifestyle highlighting useful tips for children to stay safe at home and on roads.

The 2011 DuPont Community Fund (DCF) has awarded funds to 72 projects at 52 different sites in 15 countries -- DuPont Pakistan being one of them. Established in 1990, improving the quality of life and enhancing societal vitality where employees live and work, is part of the DuPont sustainable growth mission. The DCF helps DuPont sites and employees contribute to that mission.   

Tauqir Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer, DuPont Pakistan with the SOS Village Children