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About Our Products

First Chemical Pascagoula plant takes pride in its commitment to use new technology to positively impact people's lives through the production of useful chemical products. These chemicals are the key ingredients in many items you use every day, including pharmaceutical, automotive parts, tires, dyes, photo chemicals, agricultural chemicals and building materials.

From blue jeans to pain relievers, First Chemical Pascagoula products are part of your life.

Some of the products produced at First Chemical Pascagoula include:

  • Aniline, used to make insulation for automotive and industrial products
  • Nitrobenzene, used to make acetaminophen pain reliever and other pharmaceuticals
  • Forafac® firefighting foam to fight aviation, military and industrial fires
  • The world is changing, and with those changes comes the need for smarter and more renewably sourced products for manufacturers. Cerenol™ offers many value-added properties, for a wide range of end-use products in diverse markets, without compromising functionality, such as personal care, functional fluids, performance coatings, ink-jet inks and high-performance elastomers.

First Chemical Pascagoula plant is a leading producer of aniline and nitrotoluene intermediates and derivatives used in agricultural products. We are the world's second largest merchant producer of aniline and the only domestic producer of nitrotoluenes and toluidines, which are used in the production of dyes.


For Customer information and Detailed Product Specifications, please visit the First Chemical Subsidiary Website.