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Through our continued commitment to innovation and personal protection, DuPont has developed an extensive line of materials for personal protective clothing to cover a range of hazards and applications across a variety of markets. Each DuPont personal protective clothing product is extensively tested. Our genuine articles are for those who want the right protection available against thermal, chemical and cut hazards.
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Thermal hazards

Thermal hazards

Fires and electrical hazards are unpredictable and even a split second can make all the difference. Safeguard your workers from heat, flame, flash fire and electric arc hazards with materials that are tested over and over and in a variety of conditions and are inherently flame resistant, meaning that their protective properties cannot be washed out or worn away. Nomex® is the right fibre for built-in flame resistance, and Protera® is made especially for electrical workers to protect against the dangers of electric arc exposure. Tempro® single-use coveralls are flame-retardant and can be used to keep Nomex® work wear clean.
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Chemical hazards

Industrial workers face hazardous particles and chemical vapors and liquids every day. DuPont scientists evaluated the risks and came up with solutions for personal protective clothing that offers durability, comfort and uncompromised protection that can’t be worn away like other protective materials. The Tychem® range offers comprehensive chemical protection from a very broad range of chemicals and chemicals under pressure. The Tyvek® range resists a wide array of water-based chemicals and particles down to 1 micron in size.
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Thermal hazards

Cut hazards

In many occupations such as glass and metal handling, the potential for cuts, slashes and abrasions on the hands is high, and gloves are essential to maintain a safe, accident-free working environment.
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